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CRMACS has a parent contract with the parents of each one of the children attending the school. The contract requires that each parent put in 30 hours as a volunteer at CRMACS. The hours based on the teachers, parents, students and administrators have had a tremendous positive impact in students' academic success and in developing a positive self-image in children at CRMACS.

Volunteering can come in the form of attending meetings or training sessions, helping in a teacher’s classroom, preparing or cleaning classroom materials at home, chaperoning field trips, or working at fundraiser. Volunteer hours can also be traded for buying supplies for classrooms – every $5 spent equals one hour. Find out about all the volunteer committees in this pdf document: VOLUNTEER_COMMITTEES.

You can submit your hours by sending in one of these handy TALLY_SHEETS or via email, just click the icon bellow to submit your hours electronically

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