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10853 SW 216 Street, Miami, FL 33170

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Pre-K/K Classes






ROOM 106

Head Teacher: Mrs. Gomez
Mrs Gomez was born in Rio Piedra, Puerto Rico, and has been living in Miami since the age of two. She has wanted to teach since she was a kindergartener, watching her own teacher work so gracefully with her and her classmates. She began her teaching experience in a Montessori classroom 21 years ago at Montessori Children’s House and then Killian Montessori. Her son and daughter both have had Montessori education, and her daughter graduated from Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School in 2008. She earned her Master’s Degree in Montessori Education for ages 6-12 at Barry University. Shortly after, she was hired at Pine Villa’s Title One Montessori program teaching 1-3 grades where she worked for four years, during which time she completed her 3-6 Montessori training. Twelve years ago, Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School hired her as one of the 3-6 Montessori directresses. She feels privileged and excited to be a part of the CRMA family.
Assistant Teacher: Mrs. West
Mrs. West was born in Miami. She attended Miami Dade College and is currently enrolled at DeVry University. She has been at CRMA since 2003 and has worked in both Upper Elementary and Lower Elementary, and is now starting to work in the 3-6 classroom. Two of her daughters attend CRMA and one of her daughters works here.
Teacher’s Aide: Mrs. Mitchell
Mrs. Mitchell was born in Sweden and came to the United States in 1994. In Sweden, she went to school to learn to do distributive trade and clerical work. She is currently attending Miami Dade College, working towards a degree in Early Childhood Education. In Sweden, she worked as a social service assistant and a teacher of students with special needs, as well as working for American Eagle. This is her fourth year as a Teacher’s Assistant at CRMA.