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Welcome to a new school year 2009/2010

Colorado Middle School Adventure Trip

by Ronen

We are going to a trip in Colorado after Spring Break. We are going to look, observe, and talk about why forests are important. We are also going to look at how animals make their habitat and what they do with it. We can also be in nature and study while we take hikes. Including this part, we are going to study natural reactions in nature and how to live with it and get it in control. When we take our walks, we can figure out what type of animal has a footprint, hair, or position as the thing we see and can use knowledge to detect that thing. Amazingly, we can do many different studies, including the north and south facing slopes, and hands-on experiments and data recording. Believe it or not, we are also going learn about the weather and understand the forms of clouds and their meanings. Last but not least, we are going to look at wildlife, see wild animals and study those animals. In addition, we are going to do fun activities including climbing on Boulder House, balancing on cable wires and swinging a lot way up high. Likewise, we are going to climb high walls even with different levels of skills that go by the walls’ height. In great ways, we will play games that take thinking and some that we would use skills and bravery. In the same way, we would even use our bravery to be high up and even have some activities while we are up there. We are also going to enjoy our times looking around and seeing the campsite. We are even going to use skills and bravery to rock climb in many levels of the height. Many skills are needed. I hope we Middle School students will have a great time and enjoy it in Colorado. I am going to love it there.


Day Camp

by Francesca

Hey parents of CRMA, don’t have a place for your kids to go on teacher workdays? Look no further than the CRMA Day Camp! Every teacher work day Middle School students and their parents will be at the school to watch your kids from 8:30am-3:00pm. We take kids from PK3-6th grade, and we do activities such as coloring, bead-making, outdoor sports, and on some days we have a bounce house! We also have a G-rated movie with popcorn and juice, and all of this is only for $25 for the first child and $15 for any other sibling. So come on down; we would love to watch your kids. Mark the date! First Day Camp Friday, September 28th, sign up now! Space is limited. Fliers will be sent home soon.

Parents of the Middle School: We need more parents to help at the upcoming Day Camp. We will be doing hourly shifts for each parent, and remember every parent that attends will get a point towards their child’s trip to Colorado, or the end of the year banquet. If you think you can help, please contact Mrs. Stephanie or Mrs. Hunnewell.

Introducing Ms. Bowe

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by Frenchi and Courtney

Ms. Bowe just recently graduated from FIU. She said that she came to CRMA because she thought it would be an “interesting job,” and they do “different things.” This is Ms. Bowe’s first time teaching and she says she “really likes it.” Ms. Bowe’s position is a Co-teacher in 111. She teaches 1st-3rd with Mrs. Oliva Perez. From what Courtney and I can tell, she was a very bright and energetic person. We can tell she will be a great addition to the CRMA staff.